What formats do you share?

Like all serious ‘leggers, we prefer FLAC! However, some things have only surfaced in MP3. Bummer. Our philosophy is “it’s better than nothing” but we always share the highest quality we can find. And hey, do you have something in a higher quality than what we have? Share it!

Tell me a little about your boots!

I am pretty OCD about tags, cover art, and organization when it comes to my files.  All of my boots are tagged with the track number, disc number, date of the show, and properly formatted track name (ie, no all lower-case or all upper-case track names).  For the album title I use the boot title (if there is one), the venue, city, and state. File names are always “track number – track name” (“01 – Around and Around”, for example.)  Folder names are always “YYYY-MM-DD – Venue, City, State” for easy organization in a master folder.  If there are any info files that I got with my original download with notes from the taper/encoder, I include those as well!

In addition, if I cannot find cover art I make my own.  Sometimes they’re super simple, but I hate seeing the empty square there! If you make your own, send it my way! It might be way better than mine!

Hey, this link is broken! Bummer! I wanted this! Will you repost it for me?

Yes! I am willing to repost broken or outdated links! Drop me a line via the Requests page and let me know its a request for a repost! I will get back to you when the show is back up!

I’m looking for a certain show/performance. Do you have it?

Maybe! Check the Master List. I keep it updated!

I checked your list: You don’t have it! Darn!

Hey! Try submitting a request on our Community Requests post! You never know! You might get lucky [babe]!

Where do you get your boots?

Various sources! Sometimes they are from torrent sites or blogs, and some are from defunct sites. Some are from trades, random websites, or forums. Some are from my own recordings. Some may even be submissions to this site!

Will you buy this boot from me?

Nope, sorry! This site is about free trades only! There’s all kinds of reasons you shouldn’t sell bootlegs, namely that the legality of it is up for debate, but as a general rule it’s considered ‘icky’ in the community.

What do you use to play your files?

For audio files I use JRiver. I am OCD about organization, tags, and cover art and JRiver fits the bill for me. I’ve also used Winamp in the past. I use iTunes for my phone but alas it cannot play FLAC files.  I keep a library on JRiver strictly for my ‘legs and if I want to use them in iTunes for whatever reason, I re-encode them to MP3 for that purpose only in a separate folder. MediaMonkey is also a good program to use.

For video files I use VLC. I’ve yet to find anything it can’t play!

Can I share your boots?

YES! By all means! They’re not “mine”, I’m just compiling them! Please feel free to share! The only thing I ask is please don’t take all of them and start your own blog like mine, that’s pretty uncool.  Also, please do not take FLAC files and convert them to MP3 for sharing purposes! The original recorders almost always request this, and I think it’s a valid one! Keep the FLAC files, share the FLAC files, and convert to MP3 in a separate folder just for you if you must!

Where do you host your files?

Anywhere I can! Unfortunately this means I have to use services that will occasionally purge the files and leave links dead.  Sorry about that! Smaller files may occasionally be hosted on my own webspace.  I try to always host cover art and sample tracks on my own webspace, too!  Depending on how popular this project becomes, I do have serious considerations for starting a torrent tracker for sharing.  Make this successful and we can move in that direction!

Hey! Do you have webspace? Want to host some files? Contact me!

Hey! I represent the band and you can’t do this!

Oh that’s a problem.  E-mail me! Any requests for removal based on copyright infringement claims will be handled post-haste! This site is to honor and appreciate the band and their live performances, not to cause any legal issues regarding them.

Man, I have a question that you haven’t answered here!

Sorry about that dude! Drop me a line!

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