So what exactly is this mess of a site? Well, quite simply, I’m kind of a big Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers fan. I know. It’s probably hard to believe. I’ve been a fan over twenty years now, and as such their music has followed me through many different stages of my life.

The first thing I ever bought online was a Tom Petty bootleg in 1995. It was the Westwood One Concert Series from 1989 on LP. I mailed the seller $20.00 cash for it. I listened to it constantly. I still have it.

A few years ago, I became a pretty active collector of anything I could get my hands on. As such, I have a pretty decent collection of bootlegs, performances, videos, and other rarities. Hey, what good are they doing sitting on my hard drive, getting enjoyed only by me? A big part of the community is sharing, right? And TPATHB have some of the best fans around.

That is what this page is about. This awesome community. Lets celebrate one of the greatest bands ever. Together.

rockin' my 2013 tour tank

rockin’ my 2013 tour tank

And just who are you?
Thanks for caring! My name is Jenn, I’m 29, married, mom to twins, living in Michigan.

Favorite TPATHB album?
TOUGH ONE but I’m thinking… Hard Promises.

Favorite TPATHB song?
EVEN TOUGHER but honestly I think it’s Something Good Coming. It was released when I needed it the most.

Favorite TPATHB memory?
I’m tempted to say my first concert (9/24/1999, Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA) but I have to say it was being second-row center in 2008 (7/15/2008, Bank Atlantic Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL).  It was one of the most magic moments of my life! Also, while sitting on the beach with my husband on our first anniversary, a bar singer said he was going to play a song for us.  The song he chose off the top of his head? “Wildflowers”.

Strange Confession? I’m the only person in the world that isn’t crazy about “Free Fallin'”. Like, if I woke up tomorrow and that song had never been written… I would be okay with that. Crazy, right?


Other favorites by album:

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: The Wild One, Forever, Anything That’s Rock n Roll, Fooled Again
You’re Gonna Get It: You’re Gonna Get It, Magnolia
Damn The Torpedoes: Shadow Of A Doubt, You Tell Me, What Are You Doin’ In My Life?
Hard Promises: The Waiting, Insider, A Woman In Love
Long After Dark: Change of Heart, Straight Into Darkness, We Stand A Chance
Southern Accents: Rebels, Southern Accents
Let Me Up: Runaway Trains, All Mixed Up
Full Moon Fever: A Face In The Crowd, Yer So Bad
Into The Great Wide Open: Two Gunslingers, Built To Last, Kings Highway
Wildflowers: Wildflowers, House in the Woods, It’s Good To Be King
She’s The One: Walls (Circus), California, Supernatural Radio, Hope You Never
Echo: Room At The Top, Echo, Lonesome Sundown
The Last DJ: Money Becomes King, Dreamville, Can’t Stop the Sun
Highway Companion: Home, Around The Roses, Square One
Mojo: I Should Have Known It, Something Good Coming, First Flash of Freedom
Hypnotic Eye: Fault Lines, Shadow People, American Dream Plan B