Do you have something we are looking for or something we don’t have? What about a higher-quality version or something we have? What about album art? That is so cool! But you know what? It would be even cooler if you were to share it with us!

We accept submissions by different ways:

  • Want to e-mail it to us? As long as it is under 25MB in size, you can send it to us to our Gmail account,
  • Have album art? Maybe an online image hosting site ( would be helpful!
  • File too big for email? Well, you could use a free file sharing website (depositfiles, yousendit, dropbox, filefactory, etc.) and send us the link.  Hey, if you have your own webspace, you could upload it there too!
  • Want to send it via snailmail? That’s cool too! We have a PO Box! Drop us a line and let us know what you’ve got and we’ll talk! We can accept CDs, DVDs, flash drives, external hard drives–whatever type of media you’d like to send!
  • Want to trade physical media? We can do that too! Contact us to discuss!
  • Another idea? Contact us! We’re open to suggestions!

Hey, here’s a form to use to contact us!

[contact_form id=”2″]

The only stipulation for sharing with us is that we’re able to share with the masses! We are happy to provide links/credit on the site, though! Let’s make some noise!

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