1995-06-12: Lawlor Event Center, Reno, NV

The end of last week, I lost my external hard drive.  Not sure what happened–it worked the night before, but when I tried to access it the next morning, it was dead.  It’s out trying to get restored now–I had a lot of boots (as well as a bunch of family photos and videos) that had not yet been backed up, and mourning the loss has been hard.  I’m still holding out that we can recover something, anything. But yea, that’s why we’re late (again) this week.

Fortunately, I did have a lot backed up, so all is not lost.  This show is a more recent acquisition of mine, but I’m very glad it popped up.  As you may have guessed, I’m a sucker for shows with more rarities in the playlists.  The hits are great, of course, but I like hearing the band play songs that I haven’t heard played live a million times.  These shows, which I maintain are more for the ‘fans’, are the favorites in my collection.

With tracks like California and Alright For Now, as well as covers of Pipeline and Lucille, this boot is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection.  Tom also seems to have been in rare form this night, playing to the crowd a lot.  He introduces himself as Nancy Sinatra, changes up the lyrics in You Don’t Know How It Feels, and comments on a bra that was apparently tossed on stage.  I love these little moments, and I think that is what makes boots truly awesome.

June 12, 1995
Lawlor Event Center, Reno, NV
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♥ sample track available for download

01 – Love Is A Long Road
02 – You Don’t Know How It Feels
03 – Listen To Her Heart
04 – I Won’t Back Down 
05 – Free Fallin’
06 – You Wreck Me
07 – Pipeline
08 – Mary Jane’s Last Dance
09 – Cabin Down Below
10 – California
11 – Learning to Fly
12 – The Waiting
13 – Girl on LSD
14 – Yer So Bad
15 – Lucille
16 – It’s Good To Be King
17 – Goin’ Down To Georgia
18 – Refugee
19 – Runnin’ Down A Dream
20 – Honey Bee
21 – American Girl
22 – Alright For Now

Total Running Time: 01:57:32



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