2001-07-04: Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, WI

Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate than with an amazing show recorded on the 4th of July a mere 12 years ago?

The audio quality on this is really good, in my opinion.  There’s some crowd noise/talking at points, but nothing too terribly distracting.  There’s a few amazing tracks here–“Billy The Kid” and “Too Much Ain’t Enough”– that I haven’t seen show up in many, if any, other recordings.  I really recommend grabbing this one! Play it at your cookouts this weekend!

July 4th, 2001
Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, WI

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♥ sample track available for download

01 – Runnin’ Down A Dream
02 – I Won’t Back Down
03 – Breakdown ♥
04 – Billy The Kid
05 – Mary Jane’s Last Dance
06 – Here Comes My Girl
07 – Even The Losers
08 – It’s Good To Be King
09 – You Don’t Know How It Feels
10 – Tom Speak/Band Introductions
11 – Green Onions
12 – Don’t Come Around Here No More
13 – Learning To Fly
14 – Into The Great Wide Open
15 – Refugee
16 – Too Much Ain’t Enough
17 – You Wreck Me
18 – Encore Break
19 – Free Fallin’
20 – American Girl

Total Running Time: 02:00:04



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