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Those Heartbreakers: They’ve gone REALLY quiet, haven’t they?

Hey look, I’m still alive! I can’t believe it has been a year.  Here’s a quick, it-doesn’t-really-matter run down of what has happened:

I suffered not one, two, or even three hard-drive failures: I’ve suffered four. I lost my initial external, then my old desktop died right after (it was a RAID system that failed, because I had never bothered to correct issues with it, and long story short, both drives were irrecoverable).  Then I bought a new external, and within a month IT died.  That one I was able to recover data from, but then my laptop hard drive died.  That’s right, in the last year I’ve lost 4 hard drives–I think that makes me the most unlucky person in the world.

I thought I was never going to get any data back , but luckily some old hard drives came through (amazing that I can’t keep a new one alive for a month but ones from 5 years ago are still kicking strong!) and I have managed to rebuild most (if not all) of my bootleg files! It has taken me a long time to make sense of this mess–duplicate folders, mislabeled files from years ago, folders that were there but their files weren’t–and I’m just about back to a sense of normalcy. And with some new hard drives and automatic backups, I shouldn’t be experiencing any issues again.

tl;dr – I’m a terrible data keeper/webmaster

So, this is coming back.  This is really something I want to do, and it’s going to happen. But, we are going to do some things differently this time around! This is in the works and I was going to wait until content was READY TO GO before announcing it, but why wait any longer?

1 – Not only will I post shows, but this will serve as a more complete database.  I don’t want to just like what I’ve got here, but make it easily searchable, include track listings, tapers, file types, covers, etc.  You guys know BobsBoots? That is the direction I am heading here.

2 – Shows will probably not be weekly but more likely bi-weekly or maybe monthly.  It’s not even that it’s difficult as they’re mostly ready to go, it’s just making the time for uploading/posting! But, I am going to try to have some ready to go but not posted to keep things more regular!

Along this line, I’ve added a plugin that will notify me when links die! This way I can expedite getting them back up!

3 – Potential way for users to upload data. Still checking into potentials here.

4 – More fun things! I’d like to add photos from the concerts we have recordings of, a way for users to review boots, etc. If you have some things you want to contribute, please contact me and let me know!

All of this is coming! Soon! SOON!

I’m also open to the idea of bringing on a co-admin here to help me with updates/maintenance.  If you’ve got some things to share and some basic knowledge of how to handle zip files, uploading, WordPress, even graphic design–contact me and let me know if you’re interested! I’d love someone to work with :D

SO! I hope this is good news! Keep an eye on this space, there’s something good coming just over the hill!


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